Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Some Hearts are Just Lucky

A few days ago, the internet in my house went down and both my roommate and I were frustated. But in the absence of social networking sites and all those thingamajigs, I got to get in touch with my other passions, i.e. crafts and fictional writing. I almost finished a birthday present for Firu and continued a long forgotten story that I wrote around 2-3 years ago. It was strange, how, in the absence of connection with the outside world, I could find a connection with myself again. The fact that my best friends are easier to reach now more than ever - despite the fact that one of them is in Osaka right now - helps incredibly to remember who I was and why I loved myself. Nothing wrong with loving yourself, recommended even - everything in moderation, of course. I used to hate myself in so many ways: I hated the fact that I was fat, that I wear glasses, that I'm the opposite of graceful. I used to walk looking at my feet, not trusting them enough to look up. I recited all my flaws to myself like the lyrics to my favourite songs. Funny, what a little affection can do. I am naturally a very insecure person. But knowing how many people care for me, I believe in myself more and more and cracked open my shell. As if for the first time, I sang to the world, "Here I am!"

Vero Moda dress via Kleider Kreisel // Shakespeare&co. tote bag // Studio Nine moccasins

There's a saying that goes, "Fashion fades, style is eternal." By that principle, it should be quite all right not to buy a certain sartorial piece right away and wait for the season to be over to buy it and save it for a rainy day - you know, if you actually like it. The first time I saw Alexa Chung wearing this bombshell of a gem, I was instantly smitten. By that time, though, this dress was no longer for sale. I searched high and low but was unable to track it down. However, not too long ago I managed to find three for sale at my favourite online thrift store. I picked the one in my size with minimal cost and obtained one. Yippie! It is very comfortable and I adore the material. I love how the waist is free and, instead, the lining was a little above it. They way Alexa styles it just won't leave me be, though. Definitely pondering whether I should go ahead and purchase this cardigan as well.

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