Friday, 14 June 2013

Not Another 9 to 5 Job

One of the things I had to leave behind when I moved out here was the ability to dress formally. Since I've always been a kid at heart and obviously lack femininity, I've never really learnt the need to dress for formal occasions. The only formal events I've ever had to attend were my cousins' and uncles' weddings - where I usually just wear whatever traditional outfits they'd custom-made for my sister and me - so I never really had to come up with formal outfits. Back home, my idea of a formal getup is a little black dress from Marks & Spencer (by far, the most expensive dress I own) paired with the only black wedges I owned (about 3-5 inches, I guess), which turns me into a huge giant time and time again - but still a feminine one at that. This way of dressing was probably the very early stage of my femininity and style-searching - or whatever you want to call it - and, unfortunately, it made me look like a crazed, drunk party chick and led a saleswoman to offer me a one time opportunity to gulp down a beer tower (8 litres!). I don't even drink beer!

H&M blazer + peter pan collar top // C&A faux brocade pants // Deichmann boots

Random ramblings aside, I guess formal style has never been my thing. I've never thought of a life where I have to wear formalwear (like working in offices). I even thought that I could pretty much wear whatever kind of dresses I own to formal events. Apparently, that's not true. In conclusion, I don't own any formal clothes. This blazer, for instance, is probably the most formal piece of clothing I have in my wardrobe. Unfortunately, it doesn't even belong to me. I borrowed it from my friend Ervina around a year ago and haven't returned it since. It's weird because she stayed at my place in Germany around a month when I went to Indonesia and I kept the blazer in my wardrobe, she could've taken it with her all along. But because she didn't, the blazer stays with me. I know I have to return it soon, though. These past few days, I've been wearing it a lot thanks to the series of presentations I had. Thank God that's all over! Now I have plenty of things to look forward to. Woohoo!


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