Sunday, 2 December 2012

You Were Always Singing Along

Number 61 blouse // thrifted jumper dress // Pimkie tutu skirt // 11Eureka petal tights + hairclips // H&M coat (scavenged) //

Rilakkuma bag // Deichmann wedges // half the photos by Rezy

Last weekend was spent with one of my good friends, Rezy. When we get together, we always end up reminiscing. Either about the times we've spent together - we came to Germany together with 16 others, including Firu - or the times we haven't - like bands that were famous in our middle school times. This made me realise, at times, that it was somewhat comical to forget songs you've listened to with your best friends on trips, at school during breaks or when you were crying alone in your room. I swear, if you'd asked me back then, I could've recited the whole lyrics to the song. Ask me again now, I mightn't even remember the title. The same goes with memories. Because our feelings change, memories once we held precious might not even mean a thing, given time. But, like the musicians in my life, I've met so many people in my life since middle school, I've done so many things. There are things that never change, though. Like who I thought were my best friends...still are

I wasn't going to say anything about the outfit after all that majestic speech but I can't help it. First things first, do you notice the tights? They're my first ever patterned tights! 11Eureka was having a free shipping time and so I thought, why don't I go for it? They are petals but, to me, they can look like snow as well. So white and pure. Plus, they came with these pretty hair clips! Bonus! I'm just so proud of this skirt, by the way. Wore it to class and a very kind classmate of mine told me I looked like Carrie of Sex and the City. Not a fan but that means I'm somewhat fashionable, right? This autumn I've been craving for a mustard coat. When I saw it lying around the house, I just grabbed it. I know it doesn't belong to anyone so I was so happy! Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cheerio!

P.S: I love these photos taken by Rezy and the bottle at the end is my trusty companion!

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