Friday, 21 December 2012

Sartorial Obsession: Ruellia Radiance Dress

Keiko Lynn // Delightfully Tacky // The Sun Was High

Ever since I saw it worn by Noémie, this Ruellia Radiance Dress from ModCloth has been haunting my thoughts. It is my absolute favourite dress mostly because the colour palette is just a collection of my favourite shades of autumn colours. The bow on the front of the dress is also very dreamy and adorable! I totally rue the day when she beat me to purchasing this dress from Elizabeth's closet. Now, not only is the dress no longer available on ModCloth, it proves to be impossible to find anywhere else. Although so, I love seeing other bloggers styling up this lovely dress. So, if anyone knows other bloggers who've styled this dress on their blogs, please do let me know. Also, if you find it for sale somewhere, tell me in a flash! In the meantime, enjoy these adorable stylings from these pretty and stylish ladies, y'all! Cheerio!

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  1. cute!

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