Thursday, 20 December 2012

Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon

Ich suche nach dir” (I'm looking for you) by Xu Junjie

Although brief, today's feature is by Xu Junjie. I've just got a hold of the catalogue, by the way. His work, which just looks like a herd of super-sized nanobots, depicts the isolation of the young generations in China thanks to the one-child politics. On the nanobots, there are different letters stated on them. This, I believe, is also to depict the different individuals and the fact that they are put on water - they were supposed to float - was to separate them one from the other, keeping them solely isolated. I guess this concept is very close to home and how true it could've been (I don't know, I've never lived in China). The reason I wanted to see this was my curiosity of how it'd look like now that the river has frozen. They're still there, though. Here are some pictures of how it looked in warmer weather. 

The Executive blouse // Simplicity gingham dress // thrifted vest // C&A coat // H&M gloves + leggings // Primark knee-high socks // Deichmann chelsea boots // Photos of me by Sakurako

With winter kicking in, the park was fully carpeted with snow. Sakurako and I took a walk around it and I was flabbergasted. I could've sworn the park was segmented in different parts. Had there been a hint of grass, I probably would've been able to find my way around. But, under the snow, the park was borderless. The waters, though frozen, could prove to be helpful, though. With the snow being white and pure, I hardly noticed the grey sky and it didn't affect me at all. The sun decided to peek in that day, though, and it looked golden and magical. We both enjoyed its beauty. Also, thanks to a kind, old man who happened to pass by and took a picture of Sakurako and I together with the pretty sunlight in the background. That totally made my day. Heaps of love for your Thursday, all! Tough it out, it's almost christmas break! Cheerio!

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