Friday, 14 December 2012

Through the Looking Metals

Unlike last year, winter arrived prematurely this year. Not that I'm complaining, though. Having snow around has been one of the most magical moments about living abroad. I thought that applied only to us, tropical folks. But I was wrong. When snow falls, people of all ages and races come out in glee and start celebrating by making snowmen or having snowball fights. The town was covered in white and it was as if the town was re-purified. Walking on thick snow made my day although the road got a little slippery and one has to be careful. Rezy and I took advantage of the moment and got around. Oh, how I long to throw snowballs on someone. 

Garten der Erlösung” (Garden of Redemption) by Guan Huaibin

Cotton club top // Heart knit sweater via TK Maxx // Sis's jumper skirt // H&M knit hat + gloves // Primark coat // Typo satchel // 

thrifted boots // Photos of me by Rezy

Today's featured artwork was completed by Guan Huaibin. It is such a beautiful and somewhat mechanical artwork. It has two circular metals that you can turn and they reflect the view that you wouldn't be able to see (like rear-view mirrors of some sort). I find it very interesting and beautifully designed. When science and art collide, there's just no stopping it. It kind of like snow, which can be explained scientifically except its beauty. I still feel like rolling on the comfortable ground, covered in white and forget about the world. This week has been magical, in contrary to last week - which was horrible! Have a snowy and cozy weekend, dear friends! Cheerio!

P.S: Last time I said I only had a pair of gloves...until I found this pair in one of my jacket pockets recently. Oh, thank God!

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