Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sister's Sister: Topsy Turvy

B's: Primark peter pan collared top // Arithalia dress // Marks & Spencer blazer coat // Pieces scarf  // Typo satchel bag //

 Lazy Oaf socks via Wild Wood // Soho Zoo boots

Not only in the cyberworld, the spirit of Christmas is roaring out here in the real world as well. As if nature couldn't wait for Christmas either, the temperature's dropped dramatically these days. The other day Sakurako and I went out to check out the christmas market and we kept getting back and forth to enjoy the market and warm ourselves in buildings. In fact, it snowed all the time this week. Now it is basically unwise to leave the house without coats, scarves and gloves. I only have a pair of gloves, by the way, which a former roommate ignorantly put into the washing machine and somewhat destroyed. I mean, they're suede and all. By the by, these are the hamburger socks I purchased from Wild Wood. So comical, I love them! 

 Q's: N.y.L.a. peter pan collared top // Kmart tank top // Forever21 shorts via Selective Potential // Optik Pasti sunnies

In the meantime, my sister's enjoying (read: suffering through) the blazing weather - which still seems a bit surreal. These photos look like they were taken ages ago. Anyway, remember when I told you that my sister and I swapped clothes? In return of her sending me over one of her pretty dresses and a unique detective coat, I sent her over these pretty shorts I bought off Tieka's closet - I know, I'm such a bad sister. So glad she wore these shorts to the beach, so fitting. Those shorts must be happy right now. By the way, ain't my sister a beauty? She just got a hint of maroon ombré on her hair. So fiery and pretty! Everybody loves her but not more than I. Well, happy Thursday! Cheerio!

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