Wednesday, 12 December 2012


These past two weekends I spent at two sets of christmas markets in Kassel and Göttingen. These adventures were spent with my good friend, Sakurako. These photos above were from Kassel's Märchenweihnachtsmarkt (Fairy-Tale Christmas Market). Kassel has always been a bit coocoo for fairy tales since it was the city where the Grimm Brothers were born. They styled this middle-aged style christmas market, naming some of its dishes with fairy tale characters' names. There were a huge number of selections of items you can buy. From 1/2 meter bratwursts to batik pashminas! From plain ol' macaroon from La Durée to chocolates in the shape of various antique objects! Awesome! Everyone was extra kind under the lights of the market and the influence of Glühwein and I felt homey around these people.

In Göttingen, her friend, Renate, joined us at the christmas market. Unlike in Kassel, the christmas market in Göttingen doesn't have a theme. All the meal we had there was courtesy of Renate since she introduced us to various food. We attacked the Flammkuchen stall as we arrived and, later in the evening, the Schmalzkuchen stall. Wherever we went, though, people were already lining up. This was my first time trying Schmalzkuchen and they tasted great! While Sakurako and Renate drank Glühwein and Feuerzangenbowle, I just sipped on warm punch. I adore Göttingen's antique architecture and how it works perfectly well with the market. We froze up more than once that day but had a total blast! Well, that was the sum up of both my weekends. How was yours? I hope you had wondrous ones! Cheerio!

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