Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Roller Coaster on Foot

„Tiger & Turtle - Magic Mountain” by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth
Notice anything different, fellas? Hell yeah! I've finally met with my dream camera. I present to you my first DSLR camera, Prixma. Yes, I name my electronic devices, such as my laptop Éclaire and pen tablet Pablo. Firu and I were so excited to try out this baby that we went out to one of Duisburg's latest landmarks. It was built only last year. It's part of the Landmarken der Metropole Ruhr project, which has a total of 19 landmarks built all around the industrial region (Ruhrgebiet). This one caught my eye since I saw it on the net because it has the structure of a roller coaster, minus the cars. It is located on a hill so it was pretty cold and windy when we went to see it. This is an industrial sculpture, by the way. Too bad there's no awesome view from up here save from the factories all around.

Yumi coat c/o Amaquita // Self-designed batik dress // Mom's denim coat // Rilakkuma bag // H&M tights // Pieces scarf // 

Deichmann chelsea boots // Photos of me by Firu

Yesterday was our 29th monthversary, by the way. Also, Firu's just got a haircut...which I gave - like I, as a loving girlfriend, always do. I love how it turned out! Ah, I'm in that honeymoon phase with Prixma. She makes every picture very pretty. Firu's haircut, for instance. This tailor made dress also looks gleaming shot by her. Oh, Prixma. I just can't wait to spend the holiday with her and all my friends already. Holiday, please come soon! I just can't wait no more. In the meantime, enjoy your Tuesday, lovelies! Cheerio!

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