Monday, 10 December 2012

Oily Merry-Go-Round

I was slightly inspired by one of Alix's latest posts to pose in front of an art piece. Well, yeah, to be fair, her pictures were taken in front of an architectural piece. But it was one piece with the style of Art Nouveau. It is the only metro station left that was designed by Hector Guimard, which is such a shame. I love its style beyond belief! Anyway, since there are no metros in Kassel - and if there was, it wouldn't have such a design, I took pictures in front of one of the exhibition pieces scattered around town for its current show, Alles unter dem Himmel gehört allen (Everything under the heavens belong to everyone). It is a Chinese Art Exhibition and free to be seen all around town. It keeps this little old town - it'll be 1100 next year! - alive. Sorry for not taking a more detailed or overall picture but it's kind of a given that it's a carousel, right? On the side of the circular top, there are names of oil companies, which, I guess, has many to do with what the art piece is about. I might do a lot more of this kind of posts in the future.

Wetterstation” (Weathervane) by Wang Mai 

Primark coat // Theory X dress (worn as a top) // flea market polkadot skirt // C&A cardigan // H&M tights // 

Typo satchel bag // Deichmann chelsea boots

Do not be fooled! Despite how it looks on 'film', the weather was colder. Snow just fell down that morning but quickly disappeared before I even awoke. Such a shame. The cold still lingered, though. And, kids, don't ever take off your coats when it's below 0º outside, like, EVER! I know I did but, God, it was freezing cold! It was probably the coldest part of town too, aside from the mountains, because the snow was still visible there. Can't wait to take pictures in the snow anytime soon! Oh, by the by, I've been on a shopping-strike for almost a month now. Don't want to jinx it and everything but wish me luck and hope I won't shop again until after New Year's. Happy Monday, you lassie! Cheerio!

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