Saturday, 1 October 2016

September in Overview

Excited about...
All Hallows' Eve! I just can't wait to snap a shot of my costume this year. Halloween in Indonesia isn't particularly big. Let's just say, it's an event for the rich and prosper, but the poor and homeless ain't got no interest in it. It's not part of our culture, it's not part of our tradition. So the majority of the nation really couldn't care less. I love Halloween, though. I get to dress up and pretend to be someone else—though most of the time I'm not going anywhere, anyway. All I really want to do is trick-or-treat, but—let's face it!—I'm too old for that thingamajig now. What are you guys going to be for Halloween?

Currently reading...
Romancing the East by Jerry Hopkins. After one painfully long month of finishing my last book, it's finally time to refresh my mind from all the politics and economy to read more on culture and literature. This feels like the kind of book one can read with a cup of warm tea in a gloomy afternoon. It really reveals the poppycock and outrageous exaggeration of many Westerners' depiction of the Orient—the controversy and scandal behind Memoirs of a Geisha, for one, which has enraged the Japanese. The first chapter and already Indonesia makes an appearance. This is going to be good!

Currently watching...
君の名は (Your Name). The. Best. Makoto Shinkai. EVER! If you like terrific storylines (with a bit of comedy and drama), unbelievable graphics, top-notch music and amazing characterisation, this is the animated film for you. If you enjoyed 5 Centimetres per Second, you will LOVE this, I kid you not! It's probably the only movie by Shinkai so far, which has a solid plot, lively set of characters and tremendous execution. He definitely checked all the boxes this time. Love the character designs by Masayoshi Tanaka too—I thought it looked familiar! This movie definitely made me feel all the emotions; I laughed, cried and squealed throughout the scenes. This movie completely ruined me.

Currently listening...
RADWIMPS, who sings and composes the entire soundtrack for the movie mentioned above. Yes, I am obsessed with the songs and music in the soundtrack album. I put them in my phone and play them over and over and over again during commute. In fact, the first few weeks after watching the film, I like to play it on my laptop to accompany my work and blogging—simply because I can't imagine listening to or watching anything else. All the tracks tend to make me want to sob, but later on, after I've moved on a bit, I could listen to them with glee. My favourites are 前前前世 (Zenzenzense) and 夢灯籠 (Yumetourou), for the songs, and, for the music, the デート (Date) and かたわれ時 (Kataware Doki). 

Thinking about...
catching up with my 23 Before 24 list and making the new 24 Before 25 list! I'm super excited about accomplishing new goals, which will, hopefully, shape me into a better person. If you don't know, my birthday is coming up next month and it's always been both an exhilarating and dreaded day every year—without fail. This year, I'd really like to make a change about how I see my birthday and what I expect from it. I'd like it to be a tremendous day—if not the best day—of my year, no matter what happens. Maybe it's time I really take action to determine the kind of birthday to have. Firu's family has a nice concept of not celebrating birthdays, and I'm starting to wish I was raised that way.

Doodling with ink // first time trying out #meatlessmonday // visiting Firu's family // Eid al-Adha mubarak! // new phone: the OnePlus One c/o Firu // the wingstop obsession is real // my friend Divina got married! // photographer on duty at a campus event // dinner date with my brother, sister and her boyfriend
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