Tuesday, 18 October 2016

23 Before 24 List - RECAP

It's my birthday in two days. I can't believe I'm turning 24. I swear it was only yesterday that I entered my 20s; yesterday that I, for the first time in my life, felt like an adult. How did time just fly by? It's getting scary how it travels at the speed of light. Every year I try to think up various goals I'd like to accomplish for the next 365 days—give or take. You probably know the drill, if you've been following my blog for over a year. You can see last year's list here. To be honest, I think this year was the worst of all. I have no idea what happened. Maybe life just caught up with me and I didn't know what I was in for. Anyhow, here are the things that I managed to accomplish.

1. Draw At Least Once Everyday (& Post It!)
This goal was created to encourage myself to draw everyday. And I thought, since I'm a Design student now, I would have to draw everyday anyway. It turns out, that didn't happen at all. Yes, I have to draw everyday, but I barely have the time to pause and take some shots to post anyway. Also, they are usually sketches for the same project, so it would be really boring to see. But, a few months into the new year, I somehow landed a job at TigaGenerasi, where I basically have to post one illustration everyday. It doesn't take me a whole day to make one, though, so I basically drew for max. 2 days per week and they post my work daily. Does that count?

2. Watch More Documentaries
I feel like this didn't turn out as I had thought it would. The goal was to watch more documentaries, and that was accomplished with flying colours. But, still, I thought I'd be watching more by now. At the very least, I managed to watch The True Cost, which is strange since I've been in on the movement long before I even knew about it. Be a conscious consumer, guys! I've also watched a few other fashion-related documentaries, such as The Next Black and In Vogue: The Editor's Eye. Aside from that, I also watched The Act of Killing, which I've been very much intrigued to watch for a while now. And, after reading A Nation in Waiting, it's only right that I watch this documentary too. If you guys have any more titles to recommend, please leave them in the comment.

3. Follow a Webcomic Regularly
With platforms like Line Webtoons and Tapastic popping up on the internet, it's getting easier to follow webcomic series now. For the majority of this year, I've been following an Indonesian webcomic sensation called My Pre-Wedding. It's finished beautifully last June but has recently made a comeback. Yaay! On Tapastic, I subscribe to chilled strips such as BFGFs, HJ Story and 4-Panel Life, as well as solid stories, such as The Outer Door, Slavonika and Fisheye Placebo—though they can take forever to get updated. Otherwise, I'm very, very into old school webcomics, such as Blindsprings and The Boy Who Fell, which you can find on Hiveworks

6. Enter a Competition (Not Giveaway!)
Yet another goal which I hope had turned out better. Yes, I did enter a couple competitions—and I'm still intrigued to enter more—but I didn't put as much effort to either one as I'd like to. They all just seem to happen at the same time, though. The first competition I joined was Where Women Create's Box Contest and Kreasik Sticker contest—both of which I didn't win. But I'm glad I joined them...for some reason—I guess they were a whole lot of fun. This won't be the end of my competition-entering days, though, so hopefully I'll get my name out there and win something someday.

7. Become a Committee Member of an Event
To be fair, this goal was a bit of a cheat. I noted it down because I knew I was going to be a committee member of an upcoming event at my campus—pictured above, as you can see. However, since then I've joined two other committees and it's been various kinds of experiences. It really taught me about organisational work. Sometimes you could be dealt the bad card and have no other choice but to roll with the punches. Sometimes, though, you could win a jackpot and work with the best kind of people and enjoy the experience so much you don't want it to end. As we speak, I'm working yet in another committee for an event in January. So far, the experience has been superb—my superior is the absolute best!—so I'm very grateful.

9. Read At Least One Non-Fiction Every Month
By this point, a reading challenge feels like: "Read one book a month? Yes, please!" And I end up not doing anything else, ha! I've been very well accustomed to reading fiction since I first own a library card—which is the 2nd grade, mind you. But the last three years have introduced me to more and more non-fictions—and even cool ones that I enjoy reading—that I feel like it's time for me to actually read books which aren't imagined by the mind. You can read all about the 12 books in this genre that I managed to read this year here.

10. Open My Online Store
Technically, my online store is open. Technically, you can already head over there and purchase my product. TECHNICALLY. However, I do feel like it a.) lacks selection and b.) lacks quality. So I'd like to change it up soon and have it ready to serve actual costumers. That being said, I'd really love it if you guys would come over there, check it out and let me know of anything that you think I should do to improve the store, the products, etc. I'm very open to criticism so please don't hold back!

11. De-clutter My Life and Space
Not really sure if I've done it. I certainly have done some cleaning and organising of my work space and I've turned off the outside voice that corrupts my thoughts and soul. That being said, I don't think I've really accomplished it yet, since I've only started feeling quite serene and my desk is already a chaos again. Maybe this is one of those things which are always a work in progress. I just have to keep in mind that it is necessary to feel less dragged down by the world.

12. Stick to a Responsible Diet Regime
Not at all sure if I've accomplished this. However, I do try to eat less meat, try to eat more veggies and fruits—though not always—and try to cut down on snacks. I've been noticing some serious weight gain on my part, due to some leisure and mindless snacking. I thought if I don't try to control what I eat and pay attention to my food more vigilantly, I might end up obese! My effort to try and do this is by creating more healthy recipes on the blog. You can check them out here and judge for yourself.

13. Open a Booth at a Convention
This year a few friends and I made a group circle, who will be selling our stuff together. It's not a binding contract but since we were all convention virgins, we thought it would be a good idea to stick together. Last July we managed to grab a booth at the Comic Frontier convention in Jakarta. We printed our stuff individually and sold our stuff at the same booth. We managed to rope in Snowlattes as well, who has been quite experienced in the convention booth arena. It was an absolute emotional roller coaster—for me, personally—and I'm not sure if it was worth it. But, by the end of it, it was quite an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. I forgot to take a photo of our booth, just in case you were wondering.

14. Read More Diversely
Another literary challenge! I don't think I've ever done a double challenge like this year. But, hey, as time goes by, I'll only get older, which means the list only gets longer and it's time to get creative with each field of challenges that I'd like to take on. Anyway, this is something I've been meaning to do for a while, but for some reason never really focus on. I thought if I made a challenge out of it, I would be more than willing to accomplish it. Reading different books from different continents really open up the world for me. This year, I managed to learn a little bit more about Africa and pre-Taliban Afghanistan. It was one hell of a ride and I'm not coming down yet. You can watch the review video here.

16. Invest on More Ethical Brands
Truth be told, I feel quite proud of myself this year. Why? I've only shopped around twice this year—and only one of them is brand new, while the other is thrifted from a friend. However, I'm very proud that this year I can FINALLY own a piece from Book of Deer, which I've been lusting after for years—which you might have known if you've followed me for a few years now. It's my favourite collection too, so I'm super, super happy with my decision! Though I don't know if BoD is particularly sustainable, I know for a fact that it's sweatshop-free, so I'm glad to be supporting the right business. In the future, I hope to be able to actually purchase something that is 100% ethical—environmentally friendly and fair trade and all that. 

19. Visit More Museums/Gallery/Exhibitions
August in particular was tremendously filled with exhibition outings for me. Starting from the 1771 exhibition, Negeri Dongeng Nusantara, Atlas Tubuh until Monster in Disguise. Yep, I've got around. Aside from that, I've been visiting quite a number of museums too, thanks to my photography class, which basically forced me to go on field trips to historical sites and museums. It's opened my eyes too, to visit more of Jakarta's historical sites and all these cultural places Jakarta has to offer. I mean, there a tons of them! Hopefully, we'll get to visit more places like that next year too.

21. Meet More Local Illustrators
Since this year I have an ongoing Indonesian feature for Illustrators Arise, I think it's helped me talk to and get to know several local illustrators. Most of them are really open, friendly and warm that I feel like we're friends already—I'm really presumptuous here, guys, in case any of them is reading this :') Aside from that, I've also met them at art markets and conventions too. This is where I usually collect name cards, socialise with the exhibitors and find out their contact information for further conversations with them. I'm very much amazed at how many talented people our nation has—and that's basically from one city! Really looking forward to getting to know more talented local artists out there. Give me a holler, if you're reading this!

22. Do a Book/Clothes Swap with Someone
This didn't turn out the way I thought it would. Yes, I did a swap, but I thought it would something more like a book for a book or a clothing item for a clothing item. It turns out, it was a book for a clothing item. So, as you might have known from my instagram, my friend Divina was in town not too long ago. While she was here, she put some of her clothing items for sale. A thrifting addict, naturally, I couldn't resist asking to see her listing—before anyone else, I urged. A couple weeks before, she also had an eye for a particular book that I recently thrifted. Long story short, we decided to swap the book for the dress in the picture above. I'm super thrilled about that, because not only do I get to pass the book along to someone who might like it better than I do, but I also get to acquire an adorable piece of clothing. Double score!

23. Design a Clothing Item (and Have It Tailored!)
Last but not least. This is something I've been wanting to do since I designed this batik dress over 4 years ago. This time, though, I want to design something for someone else too. Since I promised Cynthia to design a dress for her in return for some bubble tea—or something like that, I forgot what the contract was—I thought I'd give it to her on her birthday. Pictured above is the design I made for her. Cynthia doesn't have a lot of dresses, so I hope to design something substantial, which she would be happy to wear forever and something that is simple enough that she would be able to wear it wherever. I'm planning to design some stuff for myself too, though, so we'll see what else I'll come up with.

That's it! That's what I've accomplished (out of my list) all throughout last year. I feel like I've been given countless opportunities to improve myself as a person—both in heart, soul and mind. Though, to be honest, last year felt like I was coming short of what I set out to do. Hopefully this year/next year I'll do better. Again with the tl;dr. I'm so sorry if this post is too long for you. Huge thank you for those of you who's read this far. As always, you're my hero! I'll be back with this year's list ;)

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