Saturday, 22 October 2016

Style Swap with Divina Aulia pt. II

Last year, my friend Divina and I did a little collaboration where we swap outfits. When we left off that day, the duty was clear: she was supposed to edit the video, I was supposed to edit the photos. While I delivered my end of the bargain, she turned out to have lost the footage completely. So, knowing that she would be back in town this year, we decided to reshoot the whole thing—though with completely new outfits. Maybe we should really start thinking of making this an annual collaboration. What do you say? However, this time due to some personal reasons, we were underprepared and only came up with two outfits. Plus, we didn't swap completely—we kept an item or two from our own outfits in the end. It still creates a whole other feel, though, so it still serves the purpose. Enjoy!

The first thing you need to know about these photos is that they were taken a day after Divina's wedding—yes, she's a Mrs. now—which I helped document for her vlog. We were both pooped from the experience and, hence, were underprepared in terms of clothes. I also lost a bit of weight over the course of 12 months, so I became less considerate about whether or not an item would still fit the both of us—stupidly brought something my sister owns, which I struggle to fit into. We made it work—by not swapping fully—and other tricks up Vina's sleeves. Still not swapping shoes, obviously, since our sizes are still significantly different. Let us know what you think about the partially swapped outfits and if you feel it's different from last time!

I think this photo summarises how different we are

I thought I'd spice this post up by editing the pictures differently for the first two outfits and the last two. I really like this staircase, off-angle kind of shots. It looks almost candid and mysterious, don't you think? Second error I brought to this session is bringing a top that doesn't even cover the elbows, which is simply unwearable for hijab wearers like Vina—I'm so sorry! But I do think it looks so different from if we stuck to the rules and swapped everything. Our window of opportunity for a photoshoot at the time was also quite tight, so we had to hurry up snapping these shots and recording the video. So that's it for our experience this time around. It didn't take as long and wasn't as well-planned, but it was still quite a session. You should be able to catch our video on her channel next week, stay tuned!

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