Monday, 31 October 2016


Happy Halloween, you monsters! I know, most of you probably already celebrated on Saturday but I'm a big believer that Halloween is always on the 31st of October. It makes very little sense to me how people often celebrate Halloween on the weekend—prior or after—but they don't do that on other 'holidays.' I mean, nobody decides to celebrate Valentine's Day before the day, right? If they do, at least, it's not a universal thing. So, no, Halloween is still today—although it's Monday. If you still want to celebrate Halloween but not make too much fuss about it, why not indulge yourself in a low-key kind of spook? Like a scary movie or a creepy book? For the film, I would definitely recommend Crimson Peak, a gothic love story by none other than Guillermo del Toro, or any Tim Burton films—except the new ones, perhaps. For the book, something like Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger or The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman seem like the perfect read for this day. 

Tremendous makeup as usual by Cynthia

Hand-me-down plaid shirt // old hat + dungaree // photos by Cynthia

This year I was somewhere between hectic and chilled, so I opted for a not-so-costumey outfit yet heavy on the makeup. My apt and gorgeous friend Cynthia was kind enough to indulge me this year too—she must be sick of me already—so I cannot be any more grateful. If it wasn't apparent yet—I can't see why not because there's no hay or other farm elements in this costume—this is me as a scarecrow. The initial idea was derived—if not stolen—from Jen of JennifHsieh. But once I was done with the makeup and photos, I start to doubt that I look like a scarecrow—especially without all the appropriate props I just mentioned. Mainly, this costume was an excuse for me to go outside without combing my hair, ha! There's an unfinished house just across the street from Cynthia's house, so we took advantage of it and took photos there. You can see Cynthia's makeup and costume as Morticia Addams on her instagram. Check it out!

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