Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Returnee Tour

October started with bang when Edwin, Wilson, Ratri and I hung out at Kota Tua, which is the old town part of Jakarta. Ratri has just come home from Germany once again and it called for a chance to catch up and have good fun. As we were all sick of malls—and, frankly, thought we had no money for it—we decided to go museum-hopping. Because I had a cousin's wedding to attend in the morning, I had to come later. They caught me trying to take a picture of myself. The good fun starts now! We went to Museum Keramik (Ceramic Museum), which is the only museum in the area that I had yet the pleasure to visit. The day was so hot, we had to duck into a nearby coffee shop for a few hours afterwards. It was a good chance to update each other on our lives. God, how much I miss this! Night starts to roll in, the square gets even more crowded and the heat is long gone. We went on a quest for kerak telor, enjoyed our meal on the staircase and shared our woes and laughter. But the night had to end sometime and life goes on—till we meet again.

Hand-me-down batik dress + hair band // old tights + purse // thrifted sandals // photos by Edwin

If you guys are wondering why I'm wearing such an impractical getup to go museum-hopping, it's solely because of the wedding earlier that day. Otherwise, I would most definitely have worn something more to my comfort. This was already picked to be more fitting for the afternoon's event too! Funny thing is, I wore this dress once on the blog before, and because I gained some weight and all, it looks different on me now—though I actually prefer the way it fits me now. The fact that it's still comfortable on me now—several kilograms later—makes me wonder if it indeed belongs to my sister. On another note, Edwin, Wilson and I now kind of pose as a tour guide of Jakarta of sorts, it seems, delivering different activity packages every time—mall with Ratri, karaoke with Iva, hotpot with Dity and Iva and now museum-hopping. I can't wait for the next friend to come home from Germany. Next time, we'll take him/her to go swimming!

P.S: Sorry for my messy hair...feel free to ignore it

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