Sunday, 16 October 2016

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Lately, my friend Cynthia and I have been obsessed with Wingstop—which you might have picked up on if you've seen my instagram. They have the best chicken wings in town! Cynthia's favourite flavour is the Garlic Parmesan, while mine is the Lemon Pepper. Every Wednesday they have the buy one get one promotion and we almost always saunter off to the nearest branch to get in on this offer. It's not exactly cheap, though, so I really need to cut back before I end up broke due to some excess chicken wings. These photos, by the way, were taken on one of those Wingstop dates that we tend to have these days. It just so happens to be located in such an architecturally gorgeous setting, that it would seem silly not to take advantage. Unfortunately, I'm still not comfortable with sharing exactly where it is—because I know people will sooner flock out here otherwise. I'll tell you this, though: it's an office building, so people don't usually come here solely for eating and taking photos. Needless to say, people were staring at us the whole time.

We don't know what we were trying to accomplish with this shot LOL

Thrifted shirt // swapped pinafore with Divina // old purse + socks // MKS shoes // "Hi!" pin by Klara // "Hands" pin by Adinda Muflihah // photos by Cynthia

Oops! New clothing item alert! I'm proud of myself for not purchasing any new addition to my wardrobe since my Book of Deer purchase in January. But when my friend Divina said she was selling her clothes, I quickly asked to see her items before she put them up for sale. Then my eyes landed on this pinafore and my heart was captured. At first, I was going to pay for it, but, instead, we decided to swap this piece with a book of mine that she's wanted to read. This pinafore turns out to be thinner than I thought, but the material is rather silky and nice. The checkered pattern also adds a subtle quirky detail to the item, which is essential for me. The back is pretty much the same as the front, with a button on top—and a little hole for room. Lastly, the elastic waistband really helps me feel comfortable after gorging down all those chicken wings. Always nice to have a piece like that, am I right?

P.S: I apologise for my messy hair, the wind was just too much to handle!

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