Thursday, 27 October 2016

Birthday Blues

Adorable little enamel pin by Aufa that I purchased as an early present for myself

Last week was my birthday. Yup, I turned 24 and can't be any giddier! This year I decided to have another celebration, like I did three years ago, just because. My stepmom and I cooked up a storm in the morning and had my friends over for lunch. Uli, Sindi, Cynthia, Enggar and Oji all made a special appearance—it just so happens that the majority of my guests have had the experience of taking photos for my blog, wow! It was a simple three-course meal, with creamy mushroom soup for appetiser, this recipe as the main course and es campur for dessert. I'm so glad to see everyone enjoying their food—even Cynthia claimed to like the appetiser although she hates mushrooms!—but I feel like I failed as a host, because we ended up breaking into small groups at times and watching TV for the most part. I even sneaked out for several minutes to take these pictures. I'm sorry, you guys, and thanks for coming! They brought me presents too, which I didn't expect but was so happy to receive. They're all very meaningful to me and I'm so happy they know me so well :')

Book of Deer 'Stove' shirt // hand-me-down/vintage skirt // thrifted loafers // fish pin by Aufa // dept. store hair scarf // photos by Akita

Birthdays have always been bittersweet for me. I've always loved—and claimed to love—my birthday, but it always disappoints me without fail. I hate the actual day, but I think I'm enchanted by the idea. When it comes to my day of birth, I have really high expectations and every year reality lets me down. This year I decided to invite my friends over—which somehow only amount to 5 people—because I decided it was time I took action on my birthday instead of waiting for something good to happen. But alas, the wheel turns outside my control again and shit happens anyway. Like magic, though, the next day I felt absolutely fine, as if a cloud just hangs over me every October 20th. I was also constantly reminded by all the people I wish could be there too, like my Mom and Firu—and all of my friends who live abroad, including you guys. But hopefully you had a better day than I did—not during the celebration, but during the actual birthday!

P.S: It was VERY important to me to be wearing Book of Deer on my birthday. Yep, yep, yep!

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