Wednesday, 2 November 2016

October in Overview

Excited about...
NaNoWriMo! After finishing inktober last month, I feel pumped to be more active on such monthly creative events and this one is something I've been wanting to really get into for the longest part. I've joined in almost every year but never really pulled through. There are several unfinished stories on my laptop that I have yet to get back into. This is probably such a terrible month for it, what with midterm coming and all, but I'm so excited to at least try and be more consistent about writing and really produce something wonderful. Not going to pressure myself, though, because it'll take more time and consideration, but I'm willing to try.

Currently reading...
actually spent 28 out of 31 days of the month reading the previous book. But afterwards I dove straight into Dan Hujan Pun Berhenti by Farida Susanty. My sister got me this book for my birthday and she said it's supposed to be rather good—she hasn't read it either. I'm a bit scared of the theme of the book, it just seems so real and hits so close to home. To be honest, I haven't really continued reading it after entering the second chapter—life gets in the way, you know—but I'm determined to finish it soon.

Currently watching...
Before the Flood, which is a NatGeo documentary starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It was during the filming of this documentary when Leo was kicked out/deported from Indonesia, because he was digging about forest fires in the right place—although that's not what the official order said, of course. This documentary is exactly everything that is wrong with the world, everything I've been wondering about in regards to climate change and things I'm baffled to confirm. It shocked me that several people are still calling climate change a fictitious crisis—out loud in public! And that these are people with influence and power who refuse to believe in the scientific data—unbelievable! It explains a lot why Al Gore isn't more popular in the US.

Currently listening...
Torches, which is a British indie rock band that I found through The Michalaks—yes, I'm still awfully obsessed with them. One of their songs, Future, got featured on a couple of their vlogs and at first listen I was hooked. I feel like it has this carefree feeling of summer, of friendship and of youth—it constantly reminds me of our days in Paris or all the summers that I spent together with my expatriate buddies. I didn't care what the future held for me, especially if I knew it was going to play out this way. Aside from that, I'm also loving Tongue and Endlessly Repeating.

Thinking about...
My future, again. I feel like the earth is starting to shift once again. Being an adult seriously sucks; it comes with tons of consideration and (REALLY) hard work. How the hell have I survived my life so far?!

Other highlights:
October was super hectic! I can't believe how crazy it has been. Every week I find myself sleep deprived and can't wait for the week to be over. It really doesn't help that I still had to work and catch up on assignments on the weekends too—both fronts have been super demanding of me this month. I'm ready to faint now. That being said, I love how eventful October has been—which hasn't changed since the years before—where I get to reunite with old friends and experience something new. Also, I'm proud of myself for being able to join inktober and hold on until the end this year. Last year I tried but stopped on day 7, ha! I'm super inspired by my friend Koletta who's doing it consistently as well—and kicking ass, I might add. Uni has been really fun this semester as well—so far, anyway—but Midterm is coming, so brace yourself! Lastly, thank you all SO MUCH for the love and support for inktober and the birthday wishes. You guys are the absolute best!

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