Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Aftermath of Hectic Times

Gorgeous mural with handlettering by Sherchle
Late post again! I would say I'm sorry but then thought, Why bother? The aftermath of Artvolution starts to kick in and I find myself scrambling to find balance. It was an incredibly valuable experience, being a committee of an event. That's one thing off my 23 Before 24 list! Although the event didn't turn out as I had thought it would, it definitely affected me on quite a profound level - well, at least for my campus life. I met so many people, who I've actually seen roaming the halls before, but, with nothing to talk about, we never really struck up any conversation. Even though by the end of the event I barely knew the names of half the people who talked to me, I finally felt significant - but now I know their names, I swear. Once again, I was shown that people can be friendly if someone just starts. But warm and fuzzy feelings aren't going to finish my assignments, so I better get back to them. I'm keeping it seriously short this time since there's nothing else I'd like to say about the outfit anyway. It's all old stuff plus my varsity blazer, just comfy stuff to get me through the day. What have you guys been up to? Do tell!

Almamater jacket // N.y.L.a top (old) // Vibrantcache skirt (closed) // Primark socks (old) // Mollinic loafers

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