Wednesday, 2 December 2015

November in Overview

Excited about...
Christmas holiday! Come at me, already! I'm so ready to abandon school stuff, relax and create everything I want to create. Also, maybe I could meet up with some online friends?

Currently reading...
Unhooked by Laura Session Stepps. It's a book about the hook-up - or more like 'unhooked', according to the author - culture in the United States. It focuses more on young girls' point-of-view and how it affects their view on self-worth and love in general. This makes me understand so many things I've always wondered about before. It indirectly explains American's fear of have a long-distance relationship. It also explains why more and more American women - well, at least in movies - have difficulty conceiving a child. You would think these things don't have any connections, but apparently, they do. I would recommend all young girls to read this, especially if they're confused about their lives (and their romantic relationships).

Currently watching...
Tons of anime, actually, and Girl's Life by Wall Street Journal. It is a sort of documentary project, involving four teenage girls from different parts of the world, with different economical, cultural, social and religious backgrounds. It talks about how the girls picture themselves balancing career and family in the future. What I love most about this project is Mongolia's involvement in the matter. That country has always intrigued me and it's nice to learn a little bit about its culture.
Also, Digimon Tri came out this month, so I checked it out. Not quite sure how I feel about it yet.

Listening to...
"Stones" by Kamogawa Rockers, which is the ending song to the 8th episode of Rolling☆Girls. It reminds me of friendship and youth. I absolutely love the sound, especially after watching the series, because the story of that episode - and the previous one - was quite interesting. Plus, I love Shuten Douji! The series has a number of easy-listen songs, such as 人にやさしく (OP) and 1000のバイオリン (insert song) performed by The Rolling Girls (four main voice actress). 

Thinking about...
Selling my clothes. Let's face it, not everything I own would fit me anymore - both style- and size-wise. It would be a waste to just let them rot in my wardrobe, right? I'd really like to sell them and give them a better home, with someone who'll love them more than I do. If you're interested in buying (or at least checking out what I'll put up for sale), please let me know. It would mean a lot to me to hear from you guys.

Happy things in the mail // sketch template from a school project // WIP of my commission for Jen // ladies on the commute // trying out new all-natural soaps, they're actually really good! // first ever...fanart (?) by Aliza Kusuma // de-stressing after midterm with my sis // rainy day remedies // KACF by Kopling loots

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