Wednesday, 30 December 2015

December in Overview

Excited about...
The new year, obviously. Aren't we all? 2015 has been something I never thought possible. It's given me a lot of experience and I am so ready to spread my wings ever wider. I still cannot believe that my life used to be very different, but I'm happy anyway. We can't have everything, but we've got to make do with what we have.

Currently reading...
Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder. It is a novel on the history of philosophy. It is one of those books which walks the fine line between fiction and non-fiction. My sister got this one actually about 10 years ago, I think, but she never finished it and it never attracted me. Lately, though, I hear from some upperclassmen that this will be a must-read for some upcoming classes. I was instantly intrigued. To be honest, the book feels like Philosophy 101 wrapped in a mysterious tale, which is ingenious. If it were purely a Philosophy Guidebook, I don't think I would've even given it a second glance.

Currently watching...
Trash is for Tossers, which is an incredible zero-waste lifestyle Youtube channel. I cannot stress this enough: we find a lot of crap on Youtube, but sometimes we find amazing people like this which can truly inspire us. I first found Lauren through her TEDx Teen talk, which introduced me to this entirely different world from capitalism and consumerism. Hers is a voice that is refreshing amidst all this hatred and envy among people who seek trivial things, like stardom and popularity. And to think that she probably isn't that much older than me is absolutely mind-blowing. She definitely influenced one of my New Year's resolutions, just fyi.

Listening to...
Oh Wonder, which is a duet based in London. At first, I found them through their single Without You. The music video is really nicely done, with all the wonderful colour schemes and lovely cinematography. But what really captured my heart is their Drive, with a heartbreaking and aesthetically pleasing music video—not to mention the incredible storyline. You could already tell I've had it on repeat since day one. Other than those, I also enjoy Livewire, White Blood and All We Do.

Thinking about...
Blogging less. I've talked about it here before, so it would be a way to prepare you for the change—although you probably don't care. That being said, I will most likely still be relatively active on instagram. Also, this will hopefully mean that I'll be a lot more active on tumblr, so please go check that out if you want to see more of what I do. Also, don't forget to fill in the readers survey I'll be posting next month!

Gorgeous tiles at a mall food court (below my campus) // in charge with Artvolution social media // a plethora of hairbow from Oh My Bows // this lovely postcard and paper crane from Alexandra // woohoo! Handlettering workshop with Sherchle + Fabelio // holiday commissions are open! // Happy Indonesian Mother's Day! // hanging out with this gal again // ...and again plus our friend Maya

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