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Art + Evolution = Artvolution

Phew...sorry for posting later than usual today. The last few days have been quite packed with an event going on at my campus, called Artvolution. It's kind of dominated my life so much in the last four days, shoving even school work to the sideline. However, it was a valuable experience for me and I'm so glad I made this decision. As promised, here is a review of the event through my lens. If you don't know, Artvolution is a collaborative event between the art, fashion and film department of our campus, which means tons of things might be going on all at once. And, as I am just one person, it can sometimes be impossible to keep track of everything that's going on, so I'd like to apologise in advance if I'm talking about certain things without the pictures. Speaking of which, pictured above are all the exhibitions you can enjoy from start to end, from both the design and fashion departments. I must warn you, this post could get really long, so feel free to skip if you're not interested.

Day 1: Wed, 02.12.2015

The event started out later than planned, with a few welcoming words from our dean, followed later on by a fashion show from the fashion department. This I didn't get to see - my apologies - but you can check it out on our instagram page. Meanwhile, the design department was getting ready for the watercolour workshop taught by none other than Jongkie, as I'd mentioned in my previous post. He first introduced himself to us, telling us his career journey and why he chose to work strictly with watercolours. The committee gave everyone who joined the workshop a goody bag, containing watercolour paint, brushes, papers and palette, which can be used right away. 

After he talked a little bit, he gave us a demonstration on how to use watercolour to its maximum potential, talking about transparency and gradient. We were told to practice first the simple techniques, then to create a simple illustration of a deer. The best illustration would win his original painting! After the time was up, he picked a few paintings, which, to him, were interesting, and assessed them a little bit until he finally announced the winner, who was - surprise, surprise - the ever talented Silvana! Oh wow! Well, I can't say I wasn't jealous, but she's a huge fan of him so I'm happy for her. It was also such a pleasure to see Jongkie work his magic in the flesh. That guy has magic hands!

Aside from the workshop, you could also check out the collaboration between the Graphic Design and the Computer Science students, in their midterm project. There were a total of four teams, each designed an app which would help our students deal with Binus business. Some of them are actually rather interesting, though.

Day 2: Thu, 03.12.2015

The second day started earlier than the previous one. The Fashion department kicked it off with their weaving workshop, taught by two of their best students. It was mostly joined by high school students - and I was surprised to find a guy in there too! It seemed so simple and practical, totally different from the previous image of traditional weaving with the huge machines and intricate routine. Not too long afterward, the Design department's first workshop of the day began with Chris Lie from Caravan Studio, who used to be a Drawing teacher at our campus. He walked us through their portfolio, including their latest HBO series, Halfworlds. Then there was live digital painting while free Re:On comics were distributed to some lucky winners.

While this was happening, the Fashion department moved on to their fashion illustration workshop and the Film department started their talk show with Pevita Pearce and Chico Jericho on their new movie Aach...Aku Jatuh Cinta. After lunch break, the event continued with Sandy Lee's workshop, where he taught us about creating a portfolio and walking us through his journey as an illustrator for National Geographic Indonesia. It was a full house! I've only recently gotten to know his works and cannot stress how inspiring they are, especially after learning the background story. After his talk, he decided to give the upcoming Natgeo magazine to one lucky viewer who asked the best question, compete with his illustration and autograph! Eep, so jealous!

Day 3: Fri, 04.12.2015

Friday was a little mellow, with only one joint-workshop from Adobe and Wacom by the Design department. Meanwhile, the Fashion section has a talkshow with Nina Nikicio and Rinda Salmun, famous local designers, and a styling competition to follow afterwards in collaboration with Berrybenka. The Film department invited Pandji Pragiwaksono for a seminar and Asian short film screening afterwards. Again, I couldn't be at many places at once so I mostly stayed in the Design workshop, because my brother joined the event and I was curious about what they were going to talk about. To be honest, a lot of people seemed to be a little disappointed by the fact that they talk very little about Adobe on its own, and more about some animation competition in Taiwan and Kinect animation technology - which is, let's be honest, really cool! 

Day 4: 05.12.2015

Lasem-inspired batik artwork exhbition which you can enjoy from day one
Last but hopefully not least! It was even mellower than the day before. The Fashion department has completely bailed, coming back only to pack their stuff and clean up. The Design department only had one event of the day: Speed Painting Competition. And the Film department also had close to nothing in their agenda, except for the winner announcement of their Short Film Competition. Even as a committee, I was rather bored that day. Not many people come, save for those who joined the competition or wanted to meet their friends in the committee - and there weren't a lot. You can see the winners here and here, if you're interested, of course.

All in all, I can't help but to compare this exhibition to Rundgang. Personally, for me as a committee member, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. But, as an event itself, Artvolution really didn't rise up to the challenge. The workshops could use a lot more planning and fun activities - aside from Jongkie's, the others felt much more like a seminar/lecture than a workshop. Although, I'm glad to have been given the opportunity to learn from these people free of charge, which doesn't come by often. The number of technical difficulties were really taxing, which could've been avoided if everyone had come early to prepare. And, lastly, the teamwork between all the majors needs to up the ante a little bit more, so that everything can work well together. I hope you don't think this was meant to diss this event whatsoever. I'm saying this for feedback, both as an organiser as well as a visitor. Hopefully you enjoyed this review/walk-through and thank you so much for reading. As usual, if you've read this far, you're my hero.

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