Sunday, 20 December 2015

Rainy Day Remedies

It has been raining a lot lately and, for once, I'm not complaining. I've been taking full advantage of the weather to snuggle up under the blanket and wear cozy jumpers. Rainy days always have this mellow feel about it, don't you think? It makes me want to brew a cup of tea, listen to sentimental songs and reminisce on the past. On the tea, lemon is my specific favourite - which reminds me of childhood scenes on the mountains, drinking tea in a tea plantation with the family. These days, rainy days are so perfect for reading, drowning oneself in a make-belief world of literature. With a warm cup of tea in hand and heartfelt songs hanging in the air - also, the pitter patter of rainfall and the waft of damp ground - it is pure bliss. What's your favourite rainy day remedy?

shirt via Lucedale Vintage // BRAVE SOUL jumper via TK Maxx (old) // hand-me-down jeans // Lazy Oaf socks via Wildwood (old)

With school being officially out, I can finally focus on personal projects again. Assignments still linger at the back of my mind, sure. But they not being too pressing actually gives me time to work on what I've been setting aside for a while now, which includes this blog. Most of the photos I've posted on the blog in the past week or two haven't been properly archived yet, and this is the time to get to it. I've also decided to re-open my commissions - although I never officially closed them - now that I have plenty of time to work on them. It will be open all throughout the holiday until New Year's, then closed during my final exams and reopened again in February. You can check out all the details here. If you're interested, you can always send me an email telling me what you'd like for me to illustrate. Looking forward to hearing from you!

P.S: I broke my (sis's) tripod in the process of taking these pictures...oops!

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