Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Tea: A Drink with Pen and Ink

 Lewis & Carroll Tea

Last weekend my friend Jess and I went to our first handlettering workshop. It was led by our upperclassman, known online as Sherchle. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, as we both won a ticket to join this workshop arranged by Fabelio. In case you didn't know, Sherchle is the artist behind this mural project at my campus. Ever since I saw it - and found out that she designed it - I became a huge fan of her work. Later on, so did Jess. Her penchant for puns and absolute whimsy is incredibly inspiring and intriguing. During the workshop, she let us flip through her sketchbook, which was filled with so many writings, most of which is very funny. She told us to search for inspirations online and keep practicing to get better, because there is simply no other way. Then she gave us examples of her greeting cards, made specifically for this workshop, to use for inspiration to create our own. Jess's was amazing, really. But mine didn't really pan out as I had hoped. It was, sadly, less engaging as I would've liked, but it was nice to start learning the rope. Also, we met a high schooler calligrapher, who was already quite good, named Ellena.

Arithalia dress (old) // C&A cardigan (old) // hand-me-down skirt // Mollinic loafers // outfit photos by Jess

The workshop was held in a café specialising in tea, Lewis & Carroll. It was pure heaven! They have this unique system of ordering tea. First, a waiter/waitress will come to your table with a set of test tubes filled with tea leaves and other ingredients in the concoction. You can smell whichever tea you like, with the help of the employee, depending on your preference. After you've decided which tea smell you prefer, you can order and it will be brought to you as you please. They have a variety of tea sets too, ranging from the rainbow collection - which is the cheapest - to the more elegant selection - which is worth more than a million. I also love the interior design of the place, with dozens of tea tin cans lining up the back wall and various natural elements in the decorations. I really wish to visit again sometime to check out all the tea that they have - which is a lot!

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