Monday, 28 December 2015

Green Living, Sustainable Eating


Last weekend our family decided to go for lunch at Burgreens, which is this really cool place for organic and healthy eating, incorporating vegan and ayurveda diet. I first heard of it from Uli and decided to try it for myself. If you don't know, vegan diet isn't particularly popular in Indonesia—we love our meat, maybe too much—so it's quite rare to find restaurants like this. The fact that it was founded and run by young people makes it so much more appealing. From their name, you could probably already tell that they specialise in burgers, although they also offer rice, pasta and (mushroom) steak. I love that they take it a step further by incorporating a sustainable way of eating, using no plastic—they didn't even give us straws but my family asked for some, except for me—and serving the food on wicker-and-banana leaf plates. The al fresco setting makes the food all the more delicious. Aside from in-dining, they also sell all kinds of vegan butter and oil. Definitely someplace I'd like to visit again sometime!

thrifted top via Jess // thrifted shorts via Kleider Kreisel // thrifted sandals // Sis's hair clip // outfit photos by Akita

Since we weren't doing anything special—this restaurant was even located near my neighbourhood, I thought it would be nice to dress down in something casual but still quite well put-together. That's how we arrived at this outfit, which is something I've been wanting to wear for a while now but for some reason hadn't. You're probably thinking this is the colour scheme I always go for when it comes to these shorts—and I think so too. I wonder why...Anyway, this is the first time in a long while since the last time I wore sandals. Since you're not allowed to wear them to class out here and I've been busy with uni, I'd never had a chance to wear them recently. This is the last outfit post of the year, but there will be a monthly overview after this and that's a wrap! Thank you for sticking around the blog this year and shall we see each other again next year?

Note to self: Don't wear a hair clip on the right side then never turn your head the other way!

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