Saturday, 12 December 2015

On a Rainy Day Like This

Primark blouse // gifted jumper // old, altered skirt // thrifted boots // Hudson tights // Typo bag

By now you're probably sick of hearing me say "I'm swamped" or "I've been drowning in assignments" but, sadly, that doesn't stop it from being the truth. However, I will save you the woe-is-me ranting and give you these really old - like 2 years old - photos I snapped when I still lived in Kassel instead. It was a rainy day unlike the one we had yesterday - well, except, lighter, I guess. They were taken in a rush, but ended up looking quite weird especially around the hair area. You've probably seen this outfit here before, if you take notice. So here are the rest of the photos. It was also around the cherry blossom season, but they were being washed away by the rain. How I miss those days sometimes, especially seeing how skinny I used to be. How have you guys been doing? Have you ever been jealous of who you used to be?

This is my favourite shot, actually

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