Thursday, 9 July 2015

Off to Greener Pastures

Now you see the true nature of my dad...

 Nasi Goreng Mafia

By the time you read this, my sister and I will already be on the train to Surabaya to see my grandparents and relatives - or maybe even already on the way back home, depending on when you actually open this. I'll be taking some time off the blog or maybe post less. But we're not here to talk about that; it will be explained in the next post.  Last weekend was our last time to break fast as a family before my sister and I left for Surabaya and the rest of them leave for Semarang a few days afterwards. I wanted to spend it together, go eating somewhere nice. We opted for a nearby plethora of food tents, called Bintaro 9 Walk. I've been here, say, 5 times already but my sister hasn't been there once. However, the place is quite packed with food vendors and variety that there are still some corners I have yet to taste. We decided to try Nasi Goreng Rempah Mafia that night, which is quite famous for their spicy fried rice specialty. The menus have apt criminal names, such as "yakuza," "bandit," and the like, accompanied by quite adorable illustrations. The spicy levels are also real hilarious, starting from zero/"menenangkan" (assuring) up unti five/"mematikan" (deathly). While everyone else ordered the Gangster fried rice in various levels, I opted for the Triad fried rice in level one/"merisaukan" (troublesome). It was quite powerful but I managed...until later on that night my tummy grew hot. But it was worth every bite.

C&A kitty hat // H&M top // skirt + Görtz purse (thrifted) // DF Fashion shoes // photos by Akita

As I've mentioned in previous outfit posts, wearing skirts just seem like the sensible thing to do these days, what with my extreme weight gain and incapability of fitting into most of my pants. For Ramadhan, I'd really like to dress appropriately and wear longer skirts to mini ones. This is another one of my favourite skirts. When I found it at the flea market - in a cold, rainy winter morning, mind you - it was like love at first sight. Firu couldn't see why I grabbed it - which is strange since he loves the colour green. The problem with this one is I don't really know what to pair it with that doesn't look obviously crazy or out of place. To add to the conflict, I don't own many patterned tops. Dresses? Sure. Skirts? Of course. Tops? Not so much. Thankfully, there's still this one I haven't paired with this skirt and, surprisingly, they work well together. Do you have the same problem I do with mixing and matching sometimes? If so, how do you deal with it?

P.S: I miss taking outfit photos out in nature...

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