Sunday, 5 July 2015


Today's post is all about Firu. These photos were taken by his sister at his home, with me wearing his old shirt and to be posted on his birthday. Though far away and his absence echoes in all the rooms, he will never cease to amaze me. Today the boy turns 22 and I am beyond happy for him. I'm sorry I can't be with you, my love, but I always wish you well and all the best in your future endeavours. Oh yeah, these photos were snapped when I went to see Galuh - and the rest of Firu's family - the other day. Yes, she is home for the holiday and I've missed how amazingly gorgeous her shots are despite her lack of knowledge on cameras and photography alike. We spent the day catching up and exchanging items I asked her to bring from Germany. Firu's family home has always been rather green - and I'm not only talking about the paint, mind you - what with all the trees and plantations about. It's always been so gorgeous and cool during the day. Such a strong contrast to my own home. Hopefully, next month Firu's other sister Mbak Ria will come home and we can all - along with Firu's sister-in-law - go on a girls' day out.

Firu's old shirt // Bare Denim pants (scavenged) // hand-me-down purse // Studio Nine loafers // photos by Galuh

Although fashion has provided girls with boyfriend-fit items in stores now, I still don't fancy purchasing them but, instead, prefer keeping the one that I actually have. This kind of shirts do not interest me unless it has an abundance of sentimental values thrown in there. And, boy, does this one have that! Even after a couple washing, I can still smell Firu's scent from it. Which makes me hesitant on wearing it more often. The structure on its own isn't too interesting - although I do adore the vertical lines as well as the navy colour - until it reminds me of how handsome Firu looks in it. It's been in his life since before we even met and I don't think I will ever throw it away. This is probably his most favourite styling - minus the purse, of course - and, frankly, I like it too. By the way, Firu promised to give me more of his no-longer-fitting clothes and I am more than happy to receive. Stay tuned to find out!

P.S: This is the last you'll see of these shoes. I'm throwing them out soon due to the huge holes on the side.

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