Friday, 31 July 2015

Mix It Up a Notch: Beige Pants

These days these are the only pair of pants that will fit me, I'm afraid. When I went back home in 2012, I took these pants from my sister's wardrobe and she didn't seem to mind. Moreover, ever since I brought it back with me to Germany, she never has any interest in wearing it - probably from even before that. The colour is obviously easy to pair with anything, especially in my closet, since it's more muted than the rest of my stuff. The comfort level is also something to praise; it stretches with the fat that I gained and lost so it's very convenient. Even though it's been in my closet for quite a while now, I haven't worn it much on the blog. For now, it stays in my closet for convenience than anything else, to be honest. So far, though, I'm very, very proud of myself for matching these pants with varying different items. Hopefully, I will get more motivated to match it with various other things in the future.

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