Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Guest Post: Jen of JennifHsieh

Hi! My name is Jen and you can normally find me on JennifHsieh, writing about absolute nonsense, what I wore that day, and what I ate that day. Oh, and I like to travel. While Bivi is on holiday, I'm jumping in and sharing some of my top travel destinations with you guys over the last few years (and a few tips and recommendations here and there). I can never seem to stay put in the craziness of New York City and, either for work or pleasure, I take every chance I get to hop in a car or board a plane and see somewhere new.

Iceland (Blog Post Here)
One of my most recent trips brought me to the enchanting land of Iceland. The entire country was breathtaking from start to finish but in the end it was all about the waterfalls. There was absolutely no shortage of them. My absolute favorite one of them all was Goðafoss waterfall, pictured above. Despite the decent number of tourists, the water was loud enough to drown them all out and create a peaceful, serene environment....most ideal for pondering life's greatest questions.

Check out more of my Icelandic adventures here.

Istanbul, Turkey (Blog Post Here)

While Jeremy taught abroad for a year, I was able to make the trek to meet him in Istanbul and also check out the city of Malatya, his home for those ten months. I was blown away by the architectural wonders of the city and it was definitely a change of pace adjusting for the more conservative dress code. You can take a look at the rest of our Istanbul adventures here as well.

Moab, Utah (Blog Post Here)
I haven't spent a lot of time out on the west coast except for exceptions here and there and flashbacks moments from my childhood. Luckily for me, I was sent to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah for work and I was able to make the trek out west again. While most of the trip was spent in Park City, we ended up stranded for an extra two days due to the raging snow storm back in New York City; so, we decided to make the best of it and road tripped down to Moab. There was something incredibly unbelievable about driving through those giant mountains and unreal rock formations.

Montreal, Canada (Blog Post Here)
One of my favorite road trips was one that I took with Jeremy up to Montreal. It's such an beautiful place to spend a couple of days and it's definitely one of the most livable cities I've ever visited. The best part of Montreal was how bike-friendly it was. One afternoon we ended up biking all along one of the many rivers toward the Parc René-Lévesque, a quaint little sculpture park at the end of the path. Definitely making another trip back up there soon.

Seattle (Blog Post Here
The Pacific Northwest keeps stealing my heart over and over and over again. About two years ago, Jeremy and I spent the winter holiday visiting Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. All of them pretty much won a permanent place in my heart but nothing beats Seattle. From the incredible seafood (my belly was full of shrimp cocktail) to the quiet coffee shop mornings, I could absolutely see myself settling down here and embracing the rainy days. See more of our Seattle adventures here

What are some of the favorite places you've been?

Check out Jen's blog to read more about her adventures and everyday life!

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