Friday, 17 July 2015

The Love and War of Firu & Visya

Today is an especially special day for Firu and myself. Not only do we get to celebrate Eidul Fitri, like most Muslims in this world do, but we also get to revel in the fact that we've been together for 5 years! FIVE. FRIGGIN'. YEARS. Such a milestone. I've never had feelings for someone longer than that, much less someone who also cares for me. It's almost unbelievable how different my life would have been if five years ago I didn't decide to take a leap of faith and trust Firu to go through our future together. From here on out it's uncharted territory - because I've never cared romantically for someone longer than this - but also familiar grounds - because it'll still be Firu - and I hope nothing more than to learn from one another as we've been doing for so long. Hopefully, it doesn't have to be our 6th anniversary before we see each other again.

To be honest, today we wanted to announce an exciting news in commemoration of our anniversary. But, apparently, some things came up and it just has to be postponed. Too bad, it would have been a great way to make up for us not being able to see each other once again - as per the "tradition" for the past couple years, I guess. I cannot guarantee when I will actually be able to announce it but I will definitely keep you posted here and/or on my social media. To soothe your curiosity a bit, I'll let you know: the illustration above is the hint. But, until it can be published, I'm afraid that's all you've got. On that note, I hope you're all having a tremendous Eid (or Friday) and wondrous weekend!

P.S: You can also add my Line@ account (ID: @RFU2789U) for updates

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