Friday, 3 July 2015

June in Overview

Excited about...
Launching a secret project soon! Hint #1: this is something I've been working on since...maybe December. Well, months ago. But other things have been going on and I've been putting this little project on hold. You see this photo above? Yeah, that's me working on it. Hint #2: it will hopefully launch sometime next month. I'm going to finish up as quickly as I can and we'll see. Hint #3: it will be a digital release so everyone can enjoy it without having to worry about shipping. That is all.

Currently reading...
Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. If you watched this video of mine, you would know that Scott Westerfeld is one of my favourite authors. What can I say? He's such a dystopia wizard! His works mostly concentrated in alternate universes capture my heart every time. Leviathan is no exception. I'm down to Goliath, the last book, already and, boy, I'm definitely very much hooked. Alek is my second favourite rich hero of the YA universe - the first being the criminal prodigy Artemis Fowl. Love the turn-of-the-century touches as well, of course. Art nouveau? Yes please!

Currently watching...
Jurassic World. To be frank, I only watched it once but, you know. It was epic! Seriously, I found myself punching the air with excitement towards the end when the battle between to Rexes was happening. I could almost cry with joy. Yes, yes, Chris Pratt is awesome and the raptors are adorable but can we talk about Nick Robinson for a second? A lot of people hate his character - he is playing a jerk - but I've been eyeing the actor since I saw him on Melissa and Joey and later on when he played an impeccable role in The Kings of Summer. Absolutely worth watching.

Listening to...
Kodaline, this awesome and romantic - but not cheesy - band from Dublin. Their songs are always witty or heart-wrenching, sending me to a faraway land with meadows and love stories. My favourite songs - and music videos - of them have got to be High Hopes and Love Like This. They're very different, one from the other - one speaking of newfound faith and the other talking about non-lasting relationships. Obviously, looking forward to more of their music.

Also, Magic Man. After listening to their You Are Here EP, I can't stop playing it on repeat. I found them through their Paris music video, which is very, very creative and wonderful. But I fell the hardest for Everyday. There is a lyric in that song that I love very, very much and rings true to me: "Everyday, everyday, everyday I want you in my life and I'll wait, and I'll wait and I'll never give up, never give up hope."

Thinking about...
A guest-blogging bonanza for next month when I'm out of town. I've assemble some great bloggers who I've been loving lately. Hopefully, they can make it in time and everything works out for the best. I'm so excited about this as well. Please look forward to them too!

Reunited with a fellow romantic //June = consecutive birthdays of my family members // another reunion with these ex-ex-pats (and one still on-going ex-pat) // Wildwood fanart (will colour soon) // sketch for my upcoming project // adorable letter from Saku-chan has come! // meeting up with this goof again, of course // visited the in-laws twice this month! // my favourite cosmetics line from Germany

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