Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Skirt Sisters with Yellow Fever

No, no, don't worry. I'm not talking about the actual yellow fever. Just the simultaneous love toward the colour yellow, on both parts. The other day Cynthia and I went on a ladies date where we were determined to take photos somewhere new and she would pick me up in her car. Our outfits accidentally created a theme of patterned skirts and yellow tops. How funny is that! Sometimes we just know how to read each other's mind. Earlier that day, she took her younger sister on a junior high school tour across town, looking for the best schools to apply to. After dropping her off back home, she picked me up and went a whole different kind of tour of our own. Cynthia took me to her old school and - with the kids going on vacation, leaving the school practically deserted - we took advantage of the location to snap some shots. Oh man, she is just the absolute best. Cynthia doesn't wear skirts often - aside from school uniforms and the occasional dress, I don't think I ever saw her in one - so I was excited to see her in it. Don't you think it suits her very well? Also, don't worry, we don't call ourselves "skirt sisters." It's just to fulfil my need for rhymes.

Thrifted shirt via lucedale vintage // Görtz purse (thrifted) // thrifted loafers + skirt // Lazy Oaf socks via Wildwood // photos by Cynthia

Have you seen this skirt on Klara of A Robot Heart? Technically it's not this skirt, she made one almost exactly like this - of course, another happy accident - and it makes me absolutely thrilled to see how she styles it. The funny thing is, we didn't get any of ours in retail stores or the like - mine is from a flea market - yet it's crazy similar. This is my favourite skirt ever. I've actually piled ways I've worn it in the past and I feel like I should make the next part soon. It's always been mega comfortable, perfect length and - my favourite trait - real flowy. And with my seemingly always-rising body weight, pants have become less comfortable and opting for skirts is always the safest bet. It's kind of strange to dress down - yes, this is 'down' for me - so I added the quirky socks to add my usual flare. Hey, just because I can't eat burgers during the day doesn't mean I can' wear them during the day. I never agreed to that rule!

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