Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sister's Sister: Behavioural Pattern

B's wearing: H&M top // vibrantcache skirt (Sis's) // thrifted loafers // Juliekäfer earrings // GUESS watch (gifted)

It has been a while since my sister made an appearance on this blog! She's been busy with work these days that we hardly ever had time to hang out anymore. But yesterday she had a day off due to Mayday and we took advantage of it to have some good ol' sisterly fun. This time, we were joined by our brother Cafa and my best friend Cynthia. My face hurt from all the amount of laughing we were doing, I'm pretty sure everyone thought we were mental. But it was great to catch up with my sister again. I mean, we do live in the same house still but that doesn't mean that we don't need extra quality time now and then. Also, you must know that these are the most normal pictures we both took the other day because, honestly, we can't keep being "normal" in front of each other. You should some of the faces that we both made. It was so hilarious, I didn't even look human anymore! Also, we kind of traded clothes, as per usual, except that this time she went overboard with wearing mostly my stuff. It's annoying how they're kind of loose on her. Damn you!

Q's wearing: vintage shirt via lucedale vintage + drsv asymmetric skirt (mine) // ... heels // ... necklace

I find it almost funny that we swapped styles here. My sister is one of those people who tend to wear muted colours or black and white, while I usually go crazy with colours and patterns. This time, I'm the one wearing black and white almost head-to-toe while she walks in with the bright and vibrant colours and quirky patterns. Of course, I can't completely stay away from patterns and comfort and she can't completely stay away from heels and accessories. So here we are. And yes, you've guessed it. That asymmetrical skirt is too large on her while it was barely able to fit me in the first place. It's always nice to see how different something looks on other people, doesn't it? Maybe we ought to do this sometime...when I can actually fit into more of her stuff too...

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