Wednesday, 20 May 2015

ICGH Can Be Ordered Now!

In case you didn't know what ICGH stands for, it is Indonesian Childhood Games Handbook. As you can see from the linked post, I finished it around April of last year, as part of my portfolio for art school. But that was, say, the first draft. After a lot of revisions and additions later, I've decided to put this book up for sale. You can take a little sneak peek into the book here. Of course, some changes have been made, but it's not so major as to be completely different from the original copy. This book contains directions to play the game, winning techniques and Indonesian rock-paper-scissor, adorned with colourful and playful illustrations, which are children-friendly. It is written in basic English so it could also be a learning tool for non-native speakers out there, as well as easy to understand for English-speaking children. Printed on high quality paper in paperback makes it easy to bring these books everywhere.

Price: Rp 100.000,- (= US$ 8)
24 pages (200x200mm)
Worldwide shipping
Language: English

How to order:

1. Send me an email at with the subject "ICGH" or the title


1. Contact me through my social media or LINE account (id: @RFU2789U) and let me know you're interested
2. We will discuss the whole process, shipping and payment method then voilà!

This book was made out of sympathy of how out of touch today's young generations are with nature and the outside. It is also made to get children as far away from gadgets as is needed. Instead of honing cyber skills, this book is made to urge younger generations to develop social skills as well as character that can only be achieved through direct interactions. It is also published in the hope of preserving traditional games of our ancestors and coming up with new ones, where technologies are not needed.

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