Friday, 8 May 2015

Ode to the Best Mother in the World

DISCLAIMER: Let me just start out by giving you a crucial information about the rest of this post. Firstly, this might be one of those posts which makes you feel like reaching for the tissues when you’re done. Secondly, that is because this is a heartfelt post about the most amazing woman I know, who coincidentally is no longer living. If that is not what you’re looking for, then feel free to close the tab or leave the post. But if you stay, know that you have been warned.

Photo from my only trip to Bali with Mom and Sis in 2001
Since this weekend is Mother’s Day in most countries, I thought I’d talk about my mother. If you must know, writing this post is actually quite uncomfortable for me. Because: a.) sometimes I feel like I talk about my mother too often and people might get sick because they’d think I was wallowing in self-pity (which I’m not, promise) and b.) because it makes me feel all these emotions that I’m not quite comfortable enough to share. But I’ve decided to do this because I want you all to know her a bit better. She IS only my most favourite person ever!

Mom's birthday party as a teenager (retro look alert!)
Everyone who knows my mother will tell you that she was a strong, independent, feisty lady who would never back down on what she believed in. She knew what she wanted and she fought hard to get it. She was also motherly, caring and attentive when it came to her loved ones. She was not a part-time mother although she was indeed a career woman. My mother was one of those rare women who can be both a full-time worker and a full-time mother. She taught me to be hard yet soft and strong yet caring.

Mom obviously couldn't stand how adorable her first daughter was
My favourite story in the world is my parents’ love story. Boy met girl, boy loved girl but that’s not where it ended. My father was 6 years older than my mom. He lived in her house when he went to uni in her town, because their families were close. He fell in love with her instantly but she was oblivious and, at first, not interested. She had her goals and she wanted to reach them so dating was the last thing on her mind. But he didn’t give up. After a long, relentless effort, she finally gave him a condition: “Wait for me for 2 years!” He agreed and, as soon as she was out of uni, they got married.

I think this was our first night in our current house
There are times when I miss her, when I wish she could’ve met Firu and told me what she thinks of him. When I imagine how she would be like in our wedding. Would she cry? Would she hug me so tight I’d run out of air? Would she help me plan the wedding? Would she carry our first baby? I’d like to think that one day I’ll see her again. And, maybe, by then we have so much to talk about. But, one thing’s for sure, there is nobody in the whole world I could love more.

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