Thursday, 28 May 2015

Mix It Up a Notch: Mini Tulle Skirt

This might just be the prettiest but also the most uncomfortable skirt that I own. It's not uncomfortable in the sense that I can't breathe in it (the waist is fully-elastic) but in a sense that I seriously can't bend oven when I wear it. And, for an active girl such as myself, that is a huge challenge. Despite that fact, I seem to wear it often enough. What can I say? It's quite dreamy! This one I purchased at Pimkie for 5€! It wasn't perfect, even close to throwing me off buying it - the stitches were kind of fraying. I never even thought it would last this long but - look at us! - it's been 3 years and it's still wearable. In real life, this skirt has de-coloured a bit, going all grey - or maybe that's how it's always looked? I'm not sure - but it still appears pristine white in photos and from afar so I don't think it should matter. It's as close to an Alexandra Grecco dream that I can have at the moment - which means it's still pretty far away - but it successfully makes me feel like a ballerina time and time again.

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