Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Change of Pace in Familiar Scenery

The other day I went on a lady date with my friend Enggar. I just realise that, even though I meet up with Enggar occasionally to take pictures for the blog, she was almost never in the frame. So this might be your first time you see her. We haven’t seen each other in around 2-3 months. I guess a lot has happened in both our lives but, let’s face it, some things never change. We hit this mall in town - because, seriously, where else would you go to in Jakarta? - that I’ve never been to and it feels like a different part of town. It’s a bit secluded and half of it is located in the outdoors so it was a good change of pace. We had lunch and tomfoolery afterwards but we never stopped talking. It was rather nice, actually. It didn’t feel like a Saturday. Not much else to say, except that last weekend was such a whirlwind, my sister and I didn't stay home once.

Arithalia dress // necklace from a convention // thrifted sandals // Koola Stuffa tote bag // photos by Enggar

Before I lost a ton of weight and dipped my toes in fashion, this was my absolute favourite dress. I love how flattering the silhouette on my body is and how comfortable it feels - especially around the chest and back. It used to be my go-to dress for dates with Firu before we moved to Germany. It also used to be the prettiest thing in my wardrobe - but it's still in the top 10 even now. The length bothers me a little bit, though. So does the neckline. But, otherwise, it's still one of my most beloved dresses. To be honest, I never know how to wear it right on its own. So on this day I dressed it down to look casual but still quite put together.

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