Thursday, 14 May 2015

Like Mother, Like Daughter

These days Friday becomes a Friyay when I get to hang out with my homegirl, Cynthia. As you might recall from this post, I mentioned that previously we only saw each other once a year since we both graduated from high school. It surely puts our friendship into question but it's not that we made a choice of only seeing each other annually. Things happen, you know. I was away in Germany most of the year and she's also quite busy as well. I mean, it's more than I can say for most of my friends too - she's actually the only one I see as regularly every year! Anyway, last Friday we had lunch together and coffee afterwards. I bought myself three sleepwear items and we hit the coffee shop. Time seems to fly so quickly when we hang out and I always feel like there's not enough chance to catch up. But, obviously, as usual we left with a ton of laughter and inside jokes. Can't wait for the next Friyay!

ASOS dress (Sis's) // Studio Nine moccassins // vintage purse (Mom's) // photos by Cynthia

As these were taken before Mother's Day, I was trying to commemorate it by recreating a look of my mother's from the '90s. Aside from her purse, none of the items I wore here belonged to her, though. The photo was taken around the time my sister was just born. It was actually during one of the mandatory doctor visit post-maternity. When I was growing up, my Mom was never a figure I remember as wearing a lot of dresses. But when I was little, she absolutely loved dressing me and my sister up in matching dresses and when she was younger she wore skirts quite a lot. When I stumbled upon this photo, I knew I just had to recreate it. What I wish I could change is my hair and the length of my (sister's) dress. But it does give the whole look a modern and edgy twist. This was a lot of fun, to be honest, and I am so psyched to find more of her looks I can recreate using the items I already own. 

Mom and Grandma holding my sister as a baby (1990)

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