Monday, 12 August 2013

Sartorial Obsession: Hight Waisted Jeans

So the other day I stumbled upon this post on Delightfully Tacky. Jeans are the kind of items everyone has in their closet, it's obvious. They're comfortable, they're easy to put on and go with pretty much everything. Plus. the classic jeans + shirt combo. But there's a difference between wearing a pair of jeans and styling them. Everyone can wear a pair of jeans but not everyone can style them beautifully. This got me thinking, "Maybe I need to stock up on more jeans." One of the ones I have my eye on is high waisted jeans. I'm pretty bad at this so I'm not even sure whether I already own one or not. Haha.

Elizabeth // Bonnie // Carrie // Valentine // Elsie

Ever since I was a kid, I've never been one to own a pair of jeans. I probably did back in grade school but stopped wearing them around the 7th grade, when I started gaining weight and wearing cargo instead - which is pretty awesome, actually. It's not until recently do I realise how comfortable a pair of jeans can be, if you find the right fit - which could be a pain. I never knew jeans have so many different cuts. Yes, please excuse my noob-ness. Though I'm currently looking for a classic blue jeans in high waist cut, I'm open to all options - like probably this pair. I've been loving how they look on other bloggers and am especially in love with the ones Elsie's wearing above. On the other hand, a slim fit like Elizabeth's pair is also very tempting. Seeing as I have pretty huge calves, though, I'm not so sure how they'd look on me. High waisted jeans are one of those things I've been lusting after for so long but never looked for. They can be pretty easy to find, actually, I don't know why I never looked for them. If anyone's got references of items I might like, please do leave a note below. In the mean time, here are some of the pants I own so far. They're not the only ones I own but sure are my favourites.

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  1. such lovely inspiration! your blog is so great.

  2. I love jeans! The coloured ones you own are lovely!

    Nicola x


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