Saturday, 10 August 2013

"'ello, Governor?"

Firu's sister just arrived around two weeks ago in Germany! Eep! We've been going to places and getting along rather well so it's really nice having her around - plus, she's an extra vote I have to fight off Firu's lazyness to go out and about. The other day, after lusting after this beaut for so long, I finally got to see an English telephone booth in the flesh! How pretty! There's one near where Firu lives. Of course I was excited to see it and dragged Galuh, his sister, all the way out here for some outfit shots - thank God she didn't mind - and we ended up having so much fun. As opposed to the original, this one isn't used to house payphones anymore. It is now filled with books and you can donate or take books and bring them home. Instead of the book, I'd really love to bring home the phone box, though. Haha. How nice to have such a jewel in my (read: Firu's) room!

Number61 shirt // Forever21 shorts via Selective Potential // vintage purse + penny loafers // photos by Galuh

As soon as Firu told me about this beaut, I instantly knew what I was going to wear whilst taking pictures there. These beautiful shorts from Tieka! There were plenty of delay to actually wear these shorts. Last year I shipped them to my sister in Australia (see how she styled them here), she sent them back to me in June with two gaping holes. I couldn't really fix the holes etc. etc. I could've sworn they fit me more loosely when I tried them on last year. Big butts, I'm blaming you! I'm so glad to finally be able to style these shorts. I wanted so badly to channel some Tieka into the post. (Was actually thinking of going to cherry festival myself but couldn't find one and no one wanted to go with me). So glad I can at least do a little bit "matching my outfits with the surrounding" thing that Tieka usually does when traveling. By the way, check out how she styled these shorts below. Super cute, I know.

Tieka of Selective Potential

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  1. I've seen a library out of a "regular" pay phone, but a phone box would hold so much more; what a good idea.


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