Sunday, 4 August 2013

You Are the King and I'm Your Lionheart

One of the peacocks ran free throughout the zoo...for some reason
These days visiting Firu always means taking off to adventures in other towns. Firu's semester ticket is one that can take me to places - much to my delight. On this particular day, we actually only planned to go to the asian grocery store and check out Slinky Springs to Fame (this really awesome modern art sort of bridge, spiraling through, resembling a set of springs) in Oberhausen. But we sort of got lost as soon as we got off the bus and found this splendid Kaisergarten. The first thing that caught my eye was this adorable crown figure - which reminds me of Kingdom Hearts though it looks nothing like the crown in the game. I love the architecture of the whole garden but found such a great surprise when we stumbled upon this small petting zoo, which costed us NOTHING! We've never been to a zoo in Germany so it was such a nice experience. There were various animals, starting from livestock (such as bulls, goats, pigs, horses and sheep), aviaries (such as various types of chickens, doves, swans, and peacocks) to house pets (rabbits, guinea pigs and mice) and incredible wildlife (such as deer, wolves, raccoons, otters and lynxes). I even saw the rare black swan and white deer! You could also pay 1€ for a huge sack of carrots to feed the animals with. We didn't do that, though - much to my dismay.

Firu's reaction after hours of taking my pictures

Primark peter pan collar top // thrifted skirt + brogues // Görtz purse (thrifted) // photos of me by Firu

It was a godsend that we should stumble upon the petting zoo first because, by the exit, we found the bridge we were looking for in the first place. It was smaller than I thought but was possible to cross at this point - we'd been walking a while. Much like its name, the bridge is slinky and spring-like, with colourful floorboards lining the walkway. It runs over the Rhein-Herne Canal and spirals its way before actually landing on the ground. Much like other bridges in Europe, this one has locks lining the railings - with hopeful wishes of lovers of a long lasting relationship. There were people sunbathing along the river banks, some even somersaulted from the bridge right down to the river - which was crazy but pretty awesome. Firu was quite sick of my photo-taking obsession the whole day. Can't you see how exasperated he was from the photo above? Haha. More on the outfit: I've been quite obsessed with this skirt since I've acquired it. It's not neon, mind you. The photos just seem to show it wrong here. How lucky that we got out when it was raining but it got very sunny when we'd arrived.

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