Saturday, 24 August 2013

City Girl Turned Village Flower

So I'm currently staying over at Iva's friends' place while Iva's babysitting their cat and dog. I've never had a pet like those before - throughout my childhood, there were only a number of fish and two hamsters - so it was kind of strange for me to have animals roaming the house like they own it. Haha. This family has the cutest pets and I love them almost immediately. The cat (named Gundut) is very, very arrogant. He goes all over the place like he's the boss, lies around the house or garden all day and only takes notice of us when he's hungry. Plus, he weighs 9kg already! You big fat, fatty you! Umm...I'm not sure what breed this cat is but it should actually look not too different from your run-of-the-mill alley cat...except that he's clean and fat. The dog (named Cody - though I usually just call him Kodi) is an adorable, ugly little pug! It's so spoilt, obedient (for the most part) and stupid. Haha. He snores all the time, even when he's not sleeping. We took him walking the other day. He was so excited to be out and about but was easily exhausted afterwards. His tongue hung out and he sounded like a pig. Oh, Cody, you simply must get out more!

Theory X dress (worn as top) // Motel Rocks high-waist jeans via TK Maxx // Tracce ballerina flats // vintage hat // photos of me by Edwin + Iva

The house is located on the outskirts of a village near to Iva's town - which is already pretty small. It took around an hour to reach from Stuttgart and the bus only comes every one hour on a weekday and every two hours on weekends. I love places like this! Though it's very far away from everything necessary, I love being around nature and pretty settings for a photoshoot. It would probably be better if we did a whole unplugging action but, then again, this post would probably not be up by now. Iva said, I looked like a village girl with this hat, though I think she resembles that silhouette even more. And yeah, I got myself a pair of beautiful high-waisted jeans. Though they are virtually too small for me - and highlight my bottom like crazy -, I love their texture, pattern and cut. They are also very comfortable...except after a feast, maybe. We're going to enjoy our time together here so you guys have fun, okay?

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