Monday, 26 August 2013

Rows of Antique Sunflowers

During our stay at Iva's place, babysitting the pug and cat, we stole one whole day to explore. We went to Esslingen and Stuttgart. Esslingen is a small, antique town. You can practically explore the place on foot. The buildings all over it are very beautiful and old, in various colours and styles. That red building above is actually its city hall, with a bell tower on top which chimes at certain hours - we didn't get to see it in action, though. It also actually has a castle high on one of the mountains, lined with vineyards. We tried so hard to search for a way to get to the vineyards but sadly found none. Instead, we took the bus and arrived at rows and rows of plantations. There were various types of plants, starting from sunflowers and grapes to apples and pears. They were all personally owned so obviously we couldn't pick some of the ripe fruits. Taking pictures in the fields is a different matter, though. Hah! Iva's campus is in this town - but she lives a few towns over - and I am just so jealous! It is truly a beautiful town. Too bad we were on such a hurry there...mostly because we were hungry. We then went off to Stuttgart to eat brunch(-ish) which sent us to the food heaven in a flash.

Motel shirt dress via WishWishWish // thrifted skirt // Görtz purse (thrifted) // Tracce ballerina flats // Photos of me by Iva + Edwin

Can I just say how euphoric I was to stumble upon sunflower fields? Of course, the fields weren't as big as I had hoped but it was better than nothing. Checked on my summer bucket list, no doubt. Please excuse the amount of pictures and the quality of them. My trusty camera's battery was dying and I forgot to bring my charger. Go figure. In a hurry, I asked Iva to take my outfit pictures. Edwin took the group photos and pictures of the town. Well, he likes photography to some extend. Enough for my camera to satisfy his curiosity to play with some shots. Thank you, you guys! There were some cornfields near where we were staying and I was dying with the desire to take pictures in them every time we drove past them. So glad we managed to find other fields of plants - and sunflowers, no less! - and snap some shots there. I love the countryside!

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