Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Illusion of Perfection

Sometime last week Firu and I went on a very, very brief trip to Aachen. Firu had some business to take care of in the area and we ended up meeting up with our friend, Cosmas. It was our first time visiting the town and I instantly fell in love! Too bad Cosmas - who lives there - and Firu don't seem to share this infatuation. When I said 'brief' trip, I wasn't kidding. We only stayed in town for 2 hours tops so we only got to see the cathedral. It was more magical than the one in Cologne. They both share the gothic exterior but the interior is completely different. I love the marble walls of the cathedral in Aachen and the frescoes lining the ceiling. It has this Egyptian touch, which, oddly, doesn't seem to be out of place. Though relatively smaller than the one in Cologne, it is very serene and beautiful. I reckon, Saku-chan would know a lot more of the mosaics and glass paintings had she seen them. Taking pictures inside the church is actually forbidden, unless you pay 1€ beforehand. Aside from the cathedral, the simplicity and architecture of the town caught me by the eye. I will visit again soon! After attending to Firu's business, we stopped by at the Nordpark in Düsseldorf, which has plentiful of wondrous blossoms. Too bad the weather wasn't pleasant then.

Vintage shirt via Capricious Traveler // Only skirt // Görtz purse (thrifted) // thrifted brogues // photos of me by Firu

I find it rather humorous how Firu and I both wore pretty much several shades of a colour from head to toe. Firu wore blue and I brown. It was so strange. This wasn't even in the least bit intentional. Firu was my exact opposite, though, and refused to preserve this funny happening in photos. I guess it takes courage to have someone take a picture of you, what with the social network being what it is now. Even though I'm a blogger and take pictures of myself almost regularly, I still sometimes wince at the photos I upload or have uploaded. Want to know a secret? I don't put on make up every morning, the best hairdo I pull off regularly is combed hair and I plan my outfits beforehand. All this illusion of me being a fashionista is clearly misleading. I'm not. Aside from the outfits I wear on the blog, I rarely ever put anything nice. It's so rare that I don't even wait for a good hair day to snap some shots. I put on an outfit, try to comb my hair right and cross my fingers they will look awesome on film. Now you know.

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