Sunday, 18 August 2013

Romance Fades but Love Must Go On

"People tend to idolize the honeymoon period and when things evolve, instead of acknowledging 
that growth, they try and get back to those moments, which don't exist anymore. 
They've changed." - Anton Yelchin

Happy belated Independence Day to all Indonesians! It was yesterday, in case you're wondering. As a commemoration, here I am wearing this batik dress - which is my favourite batik dress, by the way. I've never worn it bare on the blog before and I just want you to take in its raw beauty. Its baby doll structure is very adorable! Definitely suited for a hot summer day, which it definitely was on the day we took these photos. Galuh and I practically dragged Firu to Düsseldorf. This is one of my favourite cities in Germany. It has everything that I love: Japanese district, metropolitan quarters and artistic venues. Though I am content in my small town, being a born-and-raised capital city girl, having constant access to a place such as this is a necessity. It was too hot to do anything and so we mostly stayed under shades, save for snapping these shots and going to this beautiful art supplies store. Heavens on earth they truly are. By the way, I've been loving petal and plume blog - I'm sorry, I don't know the author's name. She actually found my blog first and commented on one of my posts so I visited her blog. Her photographs are so lovely and her words are like strings of poetry! So beautiful that I just had to share!

Hand-me-down batik dress // vintage penny loafers + purse // photos of me by Firu + Galuh

I used to have this friend who I chatted frequently with. We're two hopeless romantics so obviously we talked about the romantic notions of life. We were so excited to be in a relationship and talk about all these things with each other. But romance fades. It does and people tend to mistake it for love. It's not. Not just in a relationship, in life it fades. For instance, I had this romance of first living in Germany. It's dissipated and I learn to live here like a normal person. I can get real tired if I see things romantically all the time. In my relationship with Firu, well, romance has pretty much grown smaller and smaller. I don't even feel all that giddy, romantic feeling of hanging out with his sister or hearing him introduce me to his friends as his girlfriend or seeing his family on Skype. It all just comes naturally these days. People tend to mistake romance for love and when it dissipates, they thought they don't love each other anymore. So strange. That being said, little romances still remain. Hey, I don't know everything about Firu just yet and Galuh is putting the pieces together. Life is so good right now.


  1. been trying to put mine together as well! so many mysteries going on x)
    anyway, I adore your dress, please make one for me

  2. Happy independence day! Your dress is perfect - looks great for summer and fall. :-)

    1. Thank you! It is, isn't it? I can't imagine why my friend wanted to throw it away...


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