Saturday, 14 November 2015

Lucky Number 13 pt. II

On Thursday, I had the quickest 8 hours of my life. It was a sit-down midterm exam for my Colour Theory and Design & Material classes combined. We were told to paint a camouflage painting, using only primary-colour poster paint and mixing them together to create all sorts of colours. Although we definitely felt the pressure was on, I enjoyed it all the same. It was really one of the most fun exam I ever had to sit through. Be that as it may, it was the perfect ending to an entirely stressful week. Also, I had to come home later than ever and hit the hay right away. What I had planned for the next morning - Friday - was to sleep, relax and maybe cook a little, enjoying myself every step of the way. Instead, I was dragged all the way to Senayan to accompany a certain someone repair her laptop. As I needed to have some snaps shot for an outfit post anyway, I thought why not. It was a really nice way to de-stress and unwind. Then I came home to a torrential rain and a hot cup of lemon tea. Perfect end to a perfect day. Another beautiful Friday the 13th~

H&M dress (worn as top, old) // Vibrantcache skirt (closed) // Kmart purse (Sis's) // collar from Klara // vintage loafers // pictures by Akita

Again, the star item of this outfit is this reversible collar by Klara of The Robot that Had a Heart. Since it's bright red, I have difficulty finding the perfect outfit to wear it with. But, somehow, I ended up picking an entirely red outfit to go with it - had I had red shoes, I might've worn those too. Oops. Hope this doesn't hurt your eyes somehow, at least. The solid-coloured part of this collar is actually easier to wear, though, as I can go crazy with all the patterns I've hoarded in my wardrobe. Also, red is definitely the primary colour of my wardrobe. This collar makes me feel a little like Little Red Riding Hood - or Rotk├Ąppchen, in it's original language. Thank you again, Klara! This sums up the first styling of all the items I've received from Klara. What do you think of this styling as well?

EDIT: It may have been a beautiful day for me, unfortunately, that is not so for others. My heart goes to Paris. Terrorism is never okay. #prayforhumanity

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