Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Re-Morphosis: An Exhibition

Last week my English lecturer held an exhibition with a bunch of his friends in Menteng, Central Jakarta. It specialised in abstract painting, both digital and traditional. I haven't been to a lot of exhibitions since I arrived in Indonesia, so this was quite an exciting happenstance for me. What's more, he told us that if we visited the exhibition and wrote about it, he would give us extra credits. Sadly, not many of my friends seemed interested, to say the least - sometimes I wonder why they chose Design as a major in the first place. But I managed to rope in my friend Jess into visiting the exhibition with me, and so we went on Friday. We ended up meeting up with her online friend as well and enjoying the exhibition together. Needless to say, we tried so hard to understand each and every one of the paintings but somewhat failed. But, hey, art is about open appreciation and deciphering. Our mutual favourite is the series by Andi Suandi. The eerie yet beautiful feel we got from gazing at his paintings...it's hard to place.

Esprit shirt (old) // detachable collar from The Robot that Had a Heart // vintage hat + jumper skirt // DF Fashion shoes // purse via Ebay (Sis's) // outfit photos by Jess

The star of today's outfit is - if it weren't obvious already - this adorable detachable peter pan collar from Klara! She is seriously the sweetest person ever! This was won from her giveaway, as I mentioned previously, yet I wasn't even supposed to win it. She said she was just going to pick 3 winners, but ended up picking a bunch more. I was just lucky enough to be one of them. What's more: she let me pick two fabrics, instead of one - and turned this into a reversible collar! I can just cry tears of joy right here, right now. But this is a strange item to have in my wardrobe so I couldn't quite figure out with what to wear it. Also, the floral pattern on a collar is quite hard to remix - although it was my own choice. But I'm hoping to learn to wear it better next time. Thank you again, Klara, for this wonderful, high quality clothing item! What do you guys think of this styling of the collar?

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