Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October in Overview

Excited about...
Patreon! One word sums it all. I'm really excited to embark on a new journey, online-wise, and really put myself out there. I know some of you really like what I post here and some of you might even like my illustrations. If you do, please consider supporting me on Patreon so that I can keep delivering to you the contents that you love. You also get to give me input about the blog and other contents and get involved in running this blog. It'll be an experience like never before. Of course, you'll also get some pretty snazzy rewards if you pledge, so don't miss out! 

Currently reading...
A Cultural History of Fashion in the 20th Century by Bonnie English. Back to borrowing from the library again, it seems. Since I'm back to uni, I get to borrow all sorts of stuff from their library. Although they lack fictional and entertaining books, they do have a lot of useful non-fictions to flip through, including this book. I've always been intrigued by the rise of fast fashion - as clothes back in previous centuries used to be highly regarded - and this book shed some light on the subject. It introduces me to all sorts of fashion designers that started out major world-changing trends, yet we'd never heard of before - well, at least I hadn't. It shows fashion in a completely different perspective.

Currently watching...
The Next Black: A Film About the Future of Clothing by AEG. You wouldn't think that a household appliance company would ever make a tremendous, inspiring and innovative documentary on fashion - but AEG did. This documentary explores all future aspects of fashion, including biocouture and dry-dyeing. It speaks about discouraging consumerism, growing your clothes and ethical fashion, in a way you'd never have thought of before. The world is changing rapidly, so why shouldn't our ideas keep up? These are things people have been working on and perfecting, although it does sound so much like a fairytale. Growing your own dress and having absolutely zero waste? Now, that's something I'm absolutely looking forward to.

Listening to...
Hothouse by 78Violet, which was actually released 2 years ago but I just found recently. If you didn't know, 78Violet used to be known as Aly & AJ. Along with their band name, their sound has also changed significantly, mainly from growing out of their Disney background. Now it has this raw, organic and rustic feel to it, exploring all these emotions a human being can have but go unnamed. I love the 2-minute monologue in the video, which speaks a lot about the dynamics of their relationship as sisters and what it means to be in a romantic relationship. Aside from this one, I also love the one called "Boy." 

Thinking about...
Making the part two of my sticker set. In case you didn't know, you can still purchase the part one here. I've started sketching some of them already but it was done in a whim, just to fill some free time I happened to have, waiting for class to start or so. In the past year, the dynamics of my relationship with Firu has changed a lot and I'd really like to incorporate that into stickers that I can use in conversations with my dearly beloved. Can't wait to finally show you guys and see what you think!

Eating panna cotta with Cynthia // accompanying my sis to a wedding // woohoo for volunteer work with Jakarta Kumpul Buku! // bought two imported books at a serious bargain price! // assignments killed me this month // #IfIHadOneMoreDaytoLive campaign with Rachel House // upperclassmen's works caught my eye // borrowed an intriguing book from the library // planning my Halloween costume

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