Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Last Struggle

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As I'm writing this right now, I am suffering from sleep deprivation. If this post fails to make sense, please forgive me. Two nights ago from when this post goes live - which is last night for me right now - I didn't sleep a wink. It was on the pursuit to finish my last midterm project of the semester. Although, actually, I did catch some z's in the car on the way to campus. It baffled me to find myself still so full of energy after the lack of sleep the previous night. However, after taking these outfit photos - running back and forth in the process - I found myself very, very fatigued. Seriously, I just want to collapse right now. But, hey, I love you guys, so I'm not going to turn in before I finish writing this. After this, we technically have 4 days off, which will most likely be used to do more (less pressing) assignments and prepare for the next class. I've actually planned to go to an art market/convention with Uli this weekend. So look forward to that!

Vero Moda dress (thrifted, old) // swapped cardigan // Primark socks (gifted) // Koola Stuffa tote bag // Mollinic loafers

As I've mentioned above, these photos were taken after not sleeping for over 30 hours. With the stress of midterm and the lack of slumber, it was almost impossible for me to think about what to wear. So I opted for something simple yet adorable, something easy to put on yet enticing. Then this dress popped into my head, as it is incredibly comfy, cute and hassle-free. Again, sleep deprivation kicked in, I didn't have time or energy to check whether or not this outfit has appeared on the blog before. If it has, please bear with me. I really wanted to just go for the casual look, which is both cozy and non-restricting, so I kept it simple. Also, yes, I finally got to bring just a tote bag to class today. On a different note, because I've been counting on other people to take my photos lately, sometimes I forget how fun and relieving doing it myself. Turns out, that's where most of my work out came from when I used to live by myself.

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